Golden State Histories is a prose project by Natalie Ruth Taylor featuring narrativized pieces that reinterpret and retell the obscure histories of California.


Serial Stories

Written with the breadth of a novel, the first few chapters of these stories have been released in a serial format. To read the entire story, please visit the bookstore.

Chinatown Beats

Historical Fiction | A journalist, reeling from a personal trauma, tries to readjust to life in 1950s Beatnik San Francisco after six, tumultuous months in the Moroccan Interzone. 


Mystery | Set in 1850s San Francisco, a young man endeavors to rebuild his life after his incarceration on the prison ship, Euphemia, for a crime he maintains he didn't commit.

Red Water

Historical Fiction |  A young woman flees from a life of hardship for a new life in 1860s San Francisco where she falls into the company of the great writers and artists of the American West.